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5 Horror Comedies That Need to Go from Book to Movie

Some think that horror comedies are almost impossible to pull off because they elicit two different reactions but when you think about it, they really are one in the same. Fear and amusement may elicit different reactions (screaming and laughter) but someone who's truly scared may find themselves laughing later or laughing so hard that they scream and even in cases of an extremely funny or scary moment, both can lead to the inevitable wetting of one's pants.

The David Wong novel John Dies at the End is a perfect example. Both the book and the movie, directed by Don Coscarelli who also helmed another great horror comedy "Bubba Ho-Tep," have moments of sheer terror followed by mind-bending hilarity. This got me thinking: What other horror comedy novels should become horror comedy movies?

Et Tu, Kanye? Test Your Ides of March Knowledge with “Rapper or Roman”


It almost goes without saying that Julius Caesar has a lot in common with Kanye West. Both are (or were) rulers of sprawling empires, both have royally healthy egos, and both of them sport the same straight-across-the-brow haircut.

But what does go without saying is the sayings they have in common—until now, that is. This Ides of March, see if you can figure out who said it: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, or one of Kanye’s monster hits.

Cooking With Flowers: Hibiscus Chutney

Warm, spicy, and rarely sweet—even when it’s made with sweet ingredients—chutney is altogether satisfying as a condiment but versatile enough to be used on proteins or even a cheese plate. Delicate hibiscus flowers pair well with blackberries, and they are typically in season around the same time.

4 Famous Authors Who Wrote Fanfiction

It’s easy to assume that fan fiction has only been around as long as the internet (or at least since Spockanalia #1). But for as long as people have written stories, other people have written other stories using the same characters. As with many peculiar permutations of human behavior, the internet didn’t create fan fiction, it just made it way easier to share: the dead-tree age of Ye Olde Fanfictionne can’t hold a candle to the wealth and weirdness of the intertubes.

In fact, some of literature’s most revered authors could (completely anachronistically) be said to have penned some fan-fic stories themselves. Here are four of our our fave famous fan-fic-ers.


From Cthulhu to Yeats: Some Of Our Favorite Songs Inspired By Literature

The Cure (Photo via)

Morrissey taught us that Keats and Yeats are on our sides, Syd Barrett set James Joyce’s poem V from Chamber Music to, well, music (Stevie Nicks did something similar with Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabel Lee”), and heavy metal vocalists are obsessed with Victorian horror.

Literature and music go together like cheddar cheese and grape jelly – er, okay, maybe that’s just my weird proclivity. Let’s say peanut butter and grape jelly! Read on for some of our favorite literary bedfellows.


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