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Quirk DIY Book Club Results: Creepy Cute Crochet!

Last month's Quirk Perk and Quirk DIY Book Club pick was Creepy Cute Crochet. As part of the whole Book Club experience, we're encouraging winners to send in pictures of their projects. Last month's winners, Katie Hilton and Stephanie Johnson, were kind enough to send in pictures of their crafts, and we just love them!

Check them out after the jump!

Suburban Legends: The Goatman Cometh [Excerpt]

An eBook exclusive re-release of Sam Stall's Suburban Legends came out October 1st! So through the month of October, we're sharing excerpts from the collection of spooky stories. Because Halloween! 

They told you the suburbs were a great place to live. They said nothing bad could ever happen here. But they were wrong.

This collection of terrifying true stories exposes the dark side of life in the ’burbs—from corpses buried in backyards and ghosts lurking in fast food restaurants to UFOs, vanishing persons, bizarre apparitions, and worse. 

So lock your doors, dim the lights, and prepare to stay up all night with this creepy collection of true tales. We promise you’ll never look at white picket fences the same way again!

Read an excerpt below (The Goatman Cometh), and pick it up for $3.99 via AmazonBarnes & Noble, or the iBookstore this month! 

NaNoWriMo: You Are Going To Write A Book Next Month!

Take heed! If you didn’t know, November is National Novel Writing Month. The idea is simple: write 50,000 words of fiction in a month (that’s 1,667 words a day, number-crunchers). All that it takes to participate is the decision that you’re going to do it. Okay? Great. Now re-read the title of this post.

Steam-pumpkins, Pump-cupines, and More: Seven Awesomely Quirky Jack-o-Lanterns

Halloween is days (day?) away, but fear not, procrastinator! There's no need to resort to a pedestrian triangles-and-smile face on this year's decorative gourds. Try one of these groovy ideas on for size!

The Greatest Literary Broships of All Time

Dudes and dudettes, let us be real for a moment: life can be pretty gnarly at times. Doubly so if you happen to be a character in some nerd's novel (what's the deal with a bildungsroman, anyway?). When the proverbial shizzle hits the fan, you're gonna need one righteous support system to safely lead you past the core conflict into a groovy dénouement. In the most trying of times, that is when you truly require a great bro.

Bros can come in all shapes and sizes. The important thing is that you find yourself a homie that will stick by your side through thick and thin. Sure, you may get all up in each other's grills from time to time, but—at the end of the day—your bro will unfailingly come through for you, every time. So, without further ado, let's celebrate some of the most epic literary broships of all time.


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