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Pardoned Turkeys: Where Are They Now?

As with many rehabilitation programs, the Presidential Turkey Pardon has not been without its share of controversy. And while I’m all for granting absolution as a pre-Thanksgiving gesture of goodwill, I can’t help but wonder what happens when these maleficent Meleagris gallopavo are back on the streets (Or farms. Whatever.) I hate to say it, but guilty turkeys are guilty for a reason.

So, in the interest of public safety, I decided to do some digging on these born-again Tom and Tina Turkeys. Did they stick to the straight-and-narrow after their fifteen minutes of fame? Or did they descend back to the crime-ridden depths from whence they flapped?

Ten of the Best Author Cameos in Movie Adaptations


Nothing creates that stomach-churning feeling of exaltation and terror in the hearts of book lovers more than the news that their favorite book will be made into a movie. I mean, sure, the excitement level is insane, but at the same time, there’s also that fear in the back of your mind that the director will stomp all over something you’ve spent so much time poring over and loving. Something that can set readers’ minds at ease, though, is the author having something to do with the movie version of their book, sort of like a stamp of approval, and one of the coolest ways authors do this is by having cameos in the movie adaptations of their books.

Personally, I’ve got my fingers crossed for John Green to make an appearance in the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars adaptation (Have you read it? No? Go grab a copy and a box of tissues—it’s okay, I’ll wait), but in the meantime, here are ten other authors that have had cameos in movie versions of their own books.

The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries: Glen & Steph Tickle

Welcome to The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries!

From bloggers to podcasters, indie video game developers to celebrated filmmakers, hard hitting journalists to award-winning storytellers, over the next few months geeks-of-all-kinds will be sharing their love stories and dishing out advice.

Thanksgivukkah, The Newest, Not The First, Mash-Up Holiday

It’s not every year you see a turkey-shaped menorah. In fact, this is the first time in 125 years that the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah has shared a date with the pilgrims, Native Americans, and turkeys that brought us Thanksgiving. And it won’t happen again for another 77,000 years. So bust out your creative latke and cranberry sauce recipes, make some challah stuffing, and reminisce about all those years you shared this holiday with a Christmas tree. 
Because Hanukkah mash-ups are not new, especially not to pop culture moments, which is why we bring you Six Awesome Hanukkah Mash Ups From Books, Movies, TV Shows and More.

Literary Paper Turkeys Handmade by the Quirk Team!

"Turkniss Everdeen" by Brett C.

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a construction paper handprint fashioned into a turkey, right? So, in a fit of nostalgia and bookish enthusiasm, we gathered together some feathers, googly eyes, and glitter glue and crafted up fowl versions of our favorite book characters to decorate the Quirk lobby. Check it out!

5 Books We’d Love to See Get The Broadway Musical Treatment

Les Miserables on Broadway
From Les Miserables to Matilda, Broadway and has long had an obsession with turning our favorite books into two-hour. Not that we’re complaining- we may or may not have memorized the entire Very Potter Musical score- but we think they could go even further.
In hopes that some charitable soul with money to spend and a need for a script is reading, here are five books we’d love to see jump from the page. 


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